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John Sharp, administrator for a deceased person’ s estate.
A potentially difficult sale was realised successfully.
The marketing of a sheltered persons flat with significant leasehold clauses & which was in dire need of renovation was done very successfully, commencing on 7 May 2021. The probate valuation letter written in June 2020 was couched in accurate but tactful language. We achieved the probate vale in the eventual sale completion which took place place on 31 August after an offer was accepted on 27 June. During this period I felt that there was a danger of losing the buyer through apparent inaction on his part. I asked William Curling to intercede to all parties & I can only praise his efforts to ensure that the buyer eventually took appropriate action. The sale process was complicated as there was a third party: the freeholder & managing agent. William ensured that all parties took the necessary actions & this helped to progress the sale.
Sep 2021
David Bradshaw
Very professional. Would highly recommend.
Northwood branch of Gibbs Gillespie is managed very professionally by Michael Beaumont and supported well by other sales staff. Michael kept me fully informed through our selling process and his wise advice enabled us to complete the sale successfully.
Sep 2021
It was nice to be informed about the progress of the purchase. It is nice to know what is going on even if there are things sometimes we don’t understand but Danielle and Lucy were kind enough to explain. Thank you very much for your help.
Sep 2021
Shno Mohammed
It was a good experience with them .very friendly staffs
Sep 2021
Franco Lumba
did everything they said they would kept me inform what was going on
excellent service great team to work with
Sep 2021
Nana Watt
Highly recommend
George Callaghan work is very professional, from the start to the end of the sales, I don’t have to stress over anything at all, he is always there for all questions and answers. I would definitely be using the service again. Highly recommended him????
Sep 2021
Well-led lettings team
Mainly dealt with Steve, he led his lettings team well to find us tenants and helped coordinated with other teams like finance too. Fast, responsive, and gave clear answers.
Aug 2021
G Lee
Service is excellent. When you phone them they always answer the call after 2-3 rings. They were very professional.
Aug 2021
Carmen Alphonse
Excellent service exactly what you need and want. Thank you Dominic Hanson
Honestly I cannot tell you how support Dominic Hanson was. I brought from Gibbs Gillespie and the service I received far out weighed what I received from the agents selling my property. Available, honest, transparent and professional at all times. I should also add counsellor, seriously it was so stressful and Dominic was there along the way. Michelle was also great she showed us the property initially and was very helpful if providing info. If you want a first class service choose Gibbs Gillespie they will not disappoint.
Aug 2021
Derek Coombes
Exceptional service at a good price
The service I received was exceptional. The whole process was long drawn out mainly because of problems caused by our buyers but gibbs gillespie was helpfull throughout. They were very professional and helpfull throughout Also the price for their service was very good value
Aug 2021
Manvir Sangha
A fantastic service with honest and constant communication between all parties involved throughout the process from Tom on our sale, and then with Danielle on progressing the sale through to exchange. The team made what can be a difficult process very easy and stress free.
Aug 2021
Anthony Milford
A very good experience on a personal level. The stress level was minimal.
Excellent service and prompt attention to enquiries.
Aug 2021
Judith Coney
The service was excellent from start to finish, Dominic was on the ball and made it a great experience. Would totally recommend them.
Aug 2021
Yousuf Khan
Great experience
Great experience
Aug 2021
Boonhua Siew
While public confidence has regained somewhat after a great many of the UK adults have fully vaccinated against coronavirus, many businesses are still in the process of recovering from the unexpected ‘nightmare’ brought about by the COVID pandemic which swept like wild fire around the globe since last year. Among the main concerns for property owners like ourselves are the problems associated with late payments and rent arrears from the tenant, as well as the issues relating to property maintenance and subsequent property letting once the property becomes vacant. Fortunately, our property has been for a long time, and still is currently, under a full management service with Gibbs-Gillespie Lettings. Besides advising us on how and what best to do during the difficult pandemic circumstance, they have also helped us to deal with the issues well and professionally. Notwithstanding life is now gradually returning to normal after the city lockdowns and the way of conducting businesses may have to change and adapt in the future, in view of lessons learned during this pandemic, at the end of the day is all about relationship, trustworthiness, experience and the quality of the people that really counts. We hasten to add, it is also these factors which determine if a business will survive and thrive in the future after the pandemic. As we are writing this review about our recent experience about Gibbs-Gillespie’s Lettings, we feel that it is most appropriate for us to express our thanks and appreciation, especially to Matthew Marchant (Gibbs-Gillespie Lettings) and Samantha Coleman (Lettings Client Accounts) for the excellent advices and services given to us, at a time when everything looks rather grim and challenging during the pandemic. Mr & Mrs Siew (July 22, 2021)
Jul 2021
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