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Gibbs Gillespie Prime is our specialist department for selling the areas finest town and country houses and estates.

Our Prime Sales department gives you access to a dedicated team of our most experienced managers and directors to ensure a personalised sales experience. Our network of interconnected offices across London and the Home Counties means we can develop connections with relevant applicants to match you with your perfect buyer.

A unique and tailored approach

Exclusive properties require a tailored approach to marketing. Our bespoke service adopts a lifestyle approach to the promotion of your property, combined with an efficient sales process and excellent customer service.

Discreet Marketing

We understand that some people wish to remain anonymous when selling their home. Gibbs Gillespie Prime Sales therefore offer a highly effective discreet marketing service, so you can find the right buyer without public marketing.


There are a number of benefits to scaling down, whether you are looking for a way to free up some funds or just want a change and move to a more manageable home with minimum maintenance. With the help of a professional estate agent, those looking to downsize can look to sell their property with confidence and peace of mind.

The importance of education

There is no question that the school your children attend will have an impact on their future. This makes education establishments an important factor in your decision of whether to sell your current home or not.

A change of lifestyle

One of the top reasons for selling your home is to change your current lifestyle, whether you are moving from a busy suburban town to the quieter countryside or vice versa. Whatever your dream lifestyle, we can help you with selling your property and move onto bigger and better things.

Property Valuation

We enjoy intimate and unparalleled knowledge of property values in your area.