Find a Property

Renting a property means finding the best home, at the best price for your budget, in an area you’ll love.

But some of you may be daunted by the choices you face. Gibbs Gillespie can help. Start here, with a simple guide to the renting process.

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      Set your rental budget

      Perhaps the biggest question of all. Set yourself a price range and work out what you can afford by week and by month — remember, there are more than four weeks in a calendar month; about 4.3, to be precise.

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      Pick what’s important

      Before your search begins, list the things that really matter to you: the type of property and the kind of neighbourhood you really want to live in. Decide what’s essential, and what’s just ‘nice to have.’ A leafy area? Close to town or a park? Do your research: get out there and walk around. Visit cafes and shops to...

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      Start your search

      Most landlords look for tenants who can move in within 2-8 weeks, so make sure you’re going to be ready in time. Gibbs Gillespie has an online search facility: just enter the area, postcode or street name to find suitable properties – we update the database every two hours. You can also register your interest in a...

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      Found a property that you like? Ask Gibbs Gillespie for a viewing. We think it’s best to see a place in the daylight, but as we’re open until 6.30 pm on weekdays, you can ask to look after work — and we’re open Saturdays!

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      Agreeing to rent

      Now that you've decided on your home to rent, you move to ‘letting agreed’ status. We inform the landlord you’d like to rent the property and check your references. Once everything is agreed you will need to pay the rent in advance and offer the landlord either a security deposit or a Zero Deposit Guarantee.

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      Your Tenancy Agreement

      We handle your paperwork, including the tenancy agreement you and the landlord sign. You can be assured we’re always available to answer any questions you may have. The Tenancy Agreement sets out how long you’ll rent the property for, how much rent you’ll pay and when you’ll pay it. The agreement outlines your...

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      Ending your tenancy

      If you are moving out our independent inventory company will check the property on the last day, and we’ll be around to take your keys on check out. Leaving the property in good order means you’ll be entitled to your full deposit back as agreed, about ten days after the release of the deposit.

Property Valuation

We enjoy intimate and unparalleled knowledge of property values in your area.