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Find out about the process of selling a house in the UK.

We know the process of selling your house can be daunting, so we’ve broken it down into a step-by-step guide — helping you get the best price for your property and make selling your home that much easier. So welcome to our top tips to selling: a simple overview that can make this task so much easier.

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      Prepare your home for the market

      Present your property in the best possible way: fix anything that could put off buyers. You’ll also need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property, which is valid for ten years.

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      Choose an estate agent and solicitor

      Consider their experience, local insights, ability to market your property, affiliation to any professional or regulatory bodies and reputation for customer service. It’s also worth asking friends and family about their experiences and who they would recommend.

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      Prepare for viewings

      Keep on top of cleanliness and clutter every day in case of any unexpected viewings. Try using scented candles, and open windows to help keep the property fresh. If you’re present, try to offer an insight about what makes your property special.

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      Receive offers

      Your agent will contact you with offers. When there are competing bids, consider your aims and timeline as well as the value of the deal. Chain-free, first-time property buyers and cash buyers can save you time and money.

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      Accepting an offer

      Your agent will contact your solicitor to begin the sales process. Your buyer’s lender will need to value the property for their mortgage offer and may commission a survey or homebuyer report.

    • guide to buying selling tile mobileguide to selling exchanging contracts tile6 mobile - Gibbs Gillespie

      Exchanging contracts

      Your property solicitor will exchange contracts with the buyer’s solicitor, making the sale legally binding, and securing a non-returnable deposit. Remember, you will also be liable for penalties if you pull out of the deal after this point.

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      When you receive the final payment, the property is transferred to the new owners. It must be empty of your belongings, ready for the new owners to move in on the day. The date is set in the contracts; it is usually a weekday, to make it easier for solicitors and banks to process legal and financial work.

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      Celebrate your successful sale!

      Completion of a property sale is often hectic and demanding, especially if you’re in a chain. So don’t forget to take a step back and congratulate yourself on a successful sale.

    • Guide to buying selling tileguide to selling get a property valuation tile mobile - Gibbs Gillespie

      Get a property valuation

      Get an up to date property valuation. We value and sell hundreds of properties each month, giving us a wealth of knowledge and data to draw on when valuing your property.

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