Find a Property

Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll usually need a property solicitor to help the deal go smoothly, and at a speed that delights you.

That’s why we’ve put together a panel of trusted legal experts who can help with all your conveyancing needs. It takes knowledge and expertise to manage the legal side of a property deal; our rapport with our preferred conveyancing solicitors gives you the best of everything.

Mover Protection

When it’s not your fault that something goes wrong, Mover Protection reduces the financial risk of moving, allowing you to try again.

Start the process immediately

When selling, we can start the legal work as soon as your property is listed. That is, when you find a buyer, their solicitors have all the paperwork immediately — in our experience, this can save weeks, and make your property more attractive for buyers in a hurry.

Competitive fixed fees

Unlike many solicitors and conveyancers, there is no charge for every letter or telephone call, we only work with specialist conveyancing solicitors who offer a fixed fee enabling you to budget precisely.

Property Valuation

We enjoy intimate and unparalleled knowledge of property values in your area.