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Going carbon neutral by 2030

At Gibbs Gillespie we have made a pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030. It is extremely important to us to embrace sustainability. In order to achieve this, we have already implemented several changes to our business.

Recyclable lettings and sales boards
We’ve changed how our sales and lettings boards are produced. The boards themselves are now made from recycled plastic materials (old boards, packaging, cartons etc), but when the board comes to the end of its life, it can then be recycled again to avoid landfill.


Planting trees for every property sold or let
In partnership with Green The UK, we are planting a tree for any new property that is sold or let with us. Where possible, these are being planted local to our branches. Customers get regular updates on their tree’s growth by email!

Renewable energy
We have a 100% renewable electricity contract and are moving all of our offices on to this contract as quickly as possible.

Reducing printing
We use DocuSign to enable documents to be signed digitally rather than having to be printed. Where printing is necessary, we have set up FollowMe Printing which allows users to print to a shared print queue and release their print job from any device across our offices and branches. This reduces printed waste from documents left uncollected at the printer.

We also use Mailadoc across our branch network. This reduces printing on site further. All letters sent via Mailadoc are sent from a central location reducing printer usage. The paper we purchase is 100% recycled.

Virtual viewings and remote working
Remote working and virtual viewings have continued where possible to reduce unnecessary travel.

Donating unwanted furniture

When refurbishing our offices or branches, we will be donating unwanted office furniture to reuse schemes, such as Warp It.

LED lighting
We are phasing out our halogen and fluorescent lighting and replacing it with more energy-efficient LED technology.


Rolling out smart meters
To enable us to monitor our energy usage and target further reduction of CO2e, we’re rolling out smart meters across our network.

Introduction of energy champions across the company
We will be introducing energy champions in 2022 to accelerate or progress to carbon neutral by 2030.

Coming soon… a zero to landfill strategy being implemented in 2022
This year we want to implement a strategy to improve our waste management and minimise the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

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