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Standard fees and terms for tenants 

Administration fees
An administration fee of £240.00 inc VAT will be payable upon creation of a legally binding tenancy agreement.

It is your obligation to obtain written consent from the landlord for any change in the identity of the tenants. Upon receipt of this consent Gibbs Gillespie will draw up a tenancy agreement for signature by all parties. An administration fee of £240.00 inc VAT will be charged for this service.

Should you wish to terminate your tenancy before the end of the term and the landlord agrees that you can terminate early, you will be responsible for the repayment of the pro-rata commission paid in advance by the landlord for the unexpired portion of the tenancy, unless you are exercising a break clause which is contained in your tenancy agreement.

If any charges remain outstanding at the end of the tenancy, Gibbs Gillespie will apply to deduct the amount due from the deposit.

Renewal of tenancy
Please contact us in advance if you wish to extend your tenancy. If the tenancy is renewed, we will make a charge of £75.00 inc VAT to cover our administration.

Payment of rent
The first instalment of rent must be paid in cleared funds when you sign the tenancy agreement. Thereafter, rent is payable by standing order (unless agreed otherwise) to arrive on the due date as stated in the tenancy agreement. This means that the standing order must be set up so that the funds leave your account three before the rent is due. The full rent must be paid by a single standing order, we are unable to accept multiple standing orders.

A deposit, usually equivalent to six weeks' rent, must be paid in cleared funds when you sign the tenancy agreement, and is held by Gibbs Gillespie as Stakeholder for the duration of the tenancy in accordance with the terms of the tenancy agreement. Where applicable Gibbs Gillespie will register the deposit monies with a deposit protection scheme on the landlord's behalf. Gibbs Gillespie excludes liability in relation to loss caused by the insolvency of a financial institution which holds deposits in its contracts with landlords and tenants.

All deposit deductions must be agreed in writing by both landlord and tenant upon the termination of the tenancy. The tenancy agreement entered into is between the landlord and the tenant and, therefore, the tenant cannot hold Gibbs Gillespie liable for any deductions made from the deposit which may fall into dispute. Any interest earned on the deposit shall be retained by Gibbs Gillespie.

Gibbs Gillespie is a member of The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), which is administered by The Dispute Service Ltd, PO Box 1255 Hemel Hempstead. Hertfordshire HP1 9GN. A charge of £50.00 inc VAT is payable as the tenant’s share of the cost of registering the deposit with the TDS.

As part of your application for a tenancy you will be required to complete a reference with a third party referencing agency. A charge of £75.00 inc VAT applies per tenant for this service. These references may be passed to our client so that they can make a decision on granting a tenancy.

You are responsible for any additional administration charges levied by your bank, current landlord/agent or employer in relation to obtaining a reference.

Before the tenancy can proceed you need to provide photo ID in the form of a passport or EU driving licence, and proof of your most current address.

Inventory check-in and check-out
Gibbs Gillespie will be instructed by the landlord as to what arrangements are to be made for the inventory and check-in. Unless agreed otherwise, the landlord will be responsible for the cost of the inventory and check-in and the tenant will be liable for the cost of the check-out (and any missed appointments).We advise you to make yourself available for the check-in and check-out.

Where Gibbs Gillespie organise an end of tenancy inventory check-out, a fee will be charged. The cost of this will be depend on the size of the property you are renting, and the cost will be made clear to you prior to the commencement of your tenancy. Where a landlord organises this inspection independently of Gibbs Gillespie, the charge may vary.

Management of the property
At the start of the tenancy we will advise you who is responsible for managing the property. This is not always Gibbs Gillespie. Where we are not managing the property we cannot authorise any repairs or maintenance, or guarantee the speed at which repairs will be carried out. Where we are managing the property, we may have to obtain the landlord's consent before proceeding with a repair.

Where we manage a property and hold keys, we can usually provide access to Gibbs Gillespie’s contractors (with your permission). However, where we do not hold keys or the contractor is not willing to collect keys, it is your responsibility to provide access.

It is your responsibility to insure your own belongings throughout the tenancy.

You will be responsible for the payment of telephone, gas, water and electricity accounts at the property during your tenancy, as well as the council tax. It is your responsibility to notify the relevant companies and the local authority that you are moving into/out of the property. You are also responsible for ensuring that a valid television licence remains in place for the duration of the tenancy. Utility companies will also always require the occupant to provide access for any visit.

If you pay rent directly to your landlord's bank account and your landlord is resident overseas, you will be responsible for applying the provisions of the HM Revenue and Customs Non-Resident Landlords scheme for taxing UK rental income and should ask us for advice on this. These provisions do not apply where you are paying your rent to Gibbs Gillespie.

Anti-Money Laundering Regulations
Gibbs Gillespie is subject to the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. As a result we will need to ask you for suitable identification, and will be unable to proceed with any work on your behalf if we are unable to obtain this from you.

All charges levied by Gibbs Gillespie are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate of 20%.

Complaints procedure
If you are dissatisfied with Gibbs Gillespie’s service or handling of a transaction, and you are unable to resolve this with the member of staff involved, please report the matter to the Partner/Manager of the Gibbs Gillespie office concerned. This complaint will be acknowledged within three working days of receipt and an investigation undertaken. A formal written response will be sent to you within 15 working days.

If you are not entirely satisfied with the resolution we ask that you contact our Customer Service Officer on +44 (0)20 8869 9863 so they can work with you to resolve the situation. Alternatively, you can email us on customerservice@gibbs-gillespie.co.uk or write to us with your concerns/comments at: Gibbs Gillespie Headquarters, Chapel Lane Chambers, 1 Chapel Lane, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 1AA. Following the Customer Service Officer’s investigation, a written statement expressing Gibbs Gillespie’s final view will be sent to you and will include any offer made.

This letter will confirm that you are entitled, if dissatisfied, to refer the matter to The Property Ombudsman (TPO) within six months for a review. For the avoidance of doubt, TPO will only review complaints made by consumers.

Gibbs Gillespie reserves the right to change the schedule of fees and these terms of business upon providing reasonable notice in writing.

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